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There are 4 objects for which Shape_description contains "g"
29.11.7 Rhitsona g 139 type 2002.97.0200.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.18A Trefoil-lipped oinochoe with lid tricorn lid (RM.87.35.18B). Wide-bodied, with a tall curved handle, trefoil mouth, and tricorn lid. Body contracting to foot-ring. Cf. Payne NC fig. 10 A-H, esp G. 2003.93.0247.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.7 Two-handled skyphos. The handles are of ellipsoid cross-section, riddled and curving upwards (higher than the body). a) Part of the rim and body. c) Part of the body. d) One handle and part of the body. e) Part of the other handle. f) Tiny bit of the handle. g) Part of the handle and body. 2006.20.0406.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.8 Skyphos with ring-shaped foot and one or two handles, missing. a, b, d, and e) Parts of the rim and body. c)Part of the rim and body and the spring of one handle (completely missing). f) The largest part of the foot, base and lowest part of the body. g) Part of the lower body.
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