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There are 9 objects for which Shape_description contains "gradually"
13.10.2 Nearly rectangular piece, lentoid in section, narrowing gradually on all sides, raised more prominently on one side, which has a ridge down the centre of the lower part. 2010.99.0129.jpg
13.10.23 Elongated ovoid body, tapering at the bottom to a convex but nearly flat base and at the top, more gradually, to a very short neck with concave sides, then a broad rim, slightly concave on upper and lower sides, with a narrow mouth; two lugs (with wavy ridges), parallel to eachother, on either side of the vase, approximately 1/3 below the rim. 2008.03.0042.jpg
13.10.8 Shallow but wide mortar with small lip and rim. Very thick body gradually leading to a small concave foot. 2011.96.0001.jpg
39.9.7 The body is supported by a low-stemmed, ring-shaped base, gradually widening out to the foot. The handles are handmade, almost circular and they rise a bit higher than the rim. 2004.14.0009.jpg
44.6.1 Donut shaped body; rim turns in gradually; the remains of a ribbon handle protrude from one side of the rim; diagonal footring. 2003.35.0091.jpg
45.6.30 Molded, overhanging rim with a lower flange, curving into a thin neck which gradually widens to an ovoid body; molded foot, concave on the underside. For shape cf. bottles found at Metaponto that are similar (in shape and decoration) catalogued by L. Burn in Carter 1998, 2.632-633, especially T 192-6. Cf. also Padova, Museo Civico Archeologico inv. 1746-C: Zampieri 1996, 203-204 no. 58 (ill.). 2003.37.0001.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.1 Trefoil mouth at the back of which is attached an angular strap handle, that rises slightly and then descends sharply to join the lower shoulder; long neck that broadens gradually to a piriform body; short ring foot with rounded profile, flat resting surface, diagonal inside wall, and slightly convex underside. 2005.99.0060.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.2 Rounded, slightly everted rim, below which are attached two horizontal handles, rounded on the outsides and slightly flattened on the insides, slightly canted and rising above the rim. Body bulges slightly below handles but otherwise tapers gradually to a thick raised base, which is slightly broader than the lowest part of the body. The underside is circumscribed with a lightly gouged band. 2005.99.0144.jpg
REDMG:1964.1697.1 Fat body that tapers gradually and then sharply towards the foot. Very heavy, dense material. Body is widest at shoulder and thinnest at base. 2008.99.0213.jpg
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