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There are 43 objects for which Shape_description contains "groove"
2016.5.3 Flaring mouth, wide elongated conical neck, separated from a large ovoid body by a moulded groove. Small round foot. Handle is missing. 2016.01.0031.jpg
22.3.7 Stemless. Inside, deep concave rim, sharply marked off although the outside is an unbroken curve and does not follow contours of the inside. Groove separates the body from the short foot. 2003.30.0003.jpg
23.4.1 Stemless. Groove separating slightly flaring rim from body. Handles curve slightly upwards from the top of the body. Another groove at join between body and foot. 2003.97.0672.jpg
26.12.13 Trefoil lip from which a handle curves down to the top of the bulbous body. Deep groove separates body from wide foot. Resting surface slightly concave. 2003.97.0873.jpg
26.12.32 Stemless; rim very slightly offset; two rounded handles protrude from just below the rim in an oblong shape; groove separating body from very small foot 2002.97.0601.jpg
26.7.15 Long ribbon handles with a shallow groove level to the bottom of the handles. 2003.29.0099.jpg
27.4.1 Deep ovoid bowl with concave rim and rounded lip, narrowing to a disk foot, rounded on the exterior, sharply beveled on the interior, with a flat resting surface and a slightly convex underside. On either side a u-shaped handle, round in cross-section, rises up from just below the rim, top the height of the lip. There is a slight groove at the join of body and foot. 2010.98.0197.jpg
29.11.6 Two u-shaped horizontal handles placed slightly above the lip, slightly angled upwards. Deep body descending to a groove above the ring base. 2004.05.0024.jpg
34.10.6 Two rounded, horizontal handles at rim on opposite sides; deep, straight sided body; groove; small base 2003.02.0010.jpg
34.10.8 Short cylindrical knob, with grooved flat top, grooved profile, and conical stem broadening to the slightly domed top of the lid. At the midpoint of the lid, beyond a gentle groove and a ridge, the lid flares to a rounded edge, the underside of which narrows to a tapering straight sided walls that would have sat inside the vase to which it belonged (perhaps a stamnos). The underside of the lid is hollowed, rounded, and smooth. 2008.98.0478.jpg
34.8.10 Long slender neck flaring into mouth; small ovaloid body; groove above small foot; two semicircular, vertical handles attached to top of shoulder 2002.97.0538.jpg
37.11.5 Straight sided, fairly deep, rimless bowl; two horseshoe-shaped horizontal handles attached just below the thin rim; thin groove before base. Flaring ring foot. 2003.97.0555.jpg
37.11.6 Squat skyphos. Horseshoe-shaped horizontal handles widen outwards attached just below rim; groove; cushiony flaring ring-foot. 2008.10.0005.jpg
37.11.7 Flaring mouth and wide neck separated from body by a moulded groove. Single curved handle starting at groove and bending to lip. Small foot, base slightly concave. 2003.98.0059.jpg
45.6.22 Groove around base of knob, but knob is missing. 2003.26.0098.jpg
45.6.26 Shallow with incurved rim, round body on a high stem and a ring in centre of stem. Convex foot with a central groove and flat resting surface except for central concave circle. 2008.10.0007.jpg
47.2.12 Rounded, slightly incurved rim; shallow convex upper wall divided by a reserved groove from a sharply concave wall that runs continuously down to the foot, although only a single curve is perceived on the interior. Short torus ring foot, with a narrow reserved resting surface and a reserved medallion at the centre of the underside, circumscribed by a concentric ridge. Convex-concave profile. 2008.98.0420.jpg
47.2.3 Castulo cup: large stemless cup with inset lip. Slightly outturned rim with concave lip, inset on interior and exterior, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising slightly over the rim. Shallow bowl divided from a spreading, lipped torus ring foot by a broad groove. 2008.10.0012.jpg
47.2.7 Slightly flaring rim, flattened at the top, on an angled wall that curves sharply to a shallow bowl; horizontal strap handle, nearly triangular, attached just below the rim, rising slightly upwards; groove at the junction of body and broad ring foot, slightly convex at centre of underside. 2008.98.0404.jpg
48.12.1 Deep bowl; almost vertical sides; two rounded handles progress straight upwards from the middle of the body; slight groove before small foot; concave base 2003.92.0249.jpg
48.12.9 Projecting rounded rim with a lip that is flat on the upper surface; ribbed vertical strap handle extending 1/3 down the length of the vessel; slender neck widening to a cucumber shaped body. Flat concave base, the underside of which is outlined with a groove. 2008.99.0514.jpg
49.12.1 Everted, nearly flat rim, with round lip, curves sharply to a cylindrical upper body, somewhat concave, separated from the lower body by a ridge above a flange. The lower body is comprised of four horizontal ribs, above a shallow bowl that narrows to a thin, short stem, that curves continuously into a conical foot, finishing with a broad groove above a rounded edge. The underside is hollowed. Two strap handles, which flare on either side, rise up above the rim and then descend to rejoin the body at the flange. A spur projects from the lower part of each handle, approximately in the middle of the upper body. 2008.98.0387.jpg
50.4.12 Castulo cup': large stemless cup. Slightly outturned rim with concave lip, inset on interior and exterior, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising to the height of the rim. Shallow bowl divided from a spreading, lipped torus ring foot by a broad groove. 2003.97.0532.jpg
50.4.13 Attic type skyphos (cf. Agora 12, no. 341) except for plain underside, size (somewhat smaller than Attic examples), and perhaps breadth of handles. Rounded rim, below which are two horizontal round handles, horseshoe shaped. Walls continuously curve into a deep bowl, divided from the short torus ring foot by a groove. 2003.97.0646.jpg
50.4.14 Gill classes it as a kantharos of the 'Ampurias class'. Sessile kantharos with low handles. Sparkes 1968, 9, notes that the sessile kantharos with low handles is the most practical, albeit least elegant, of the fifth century kantharoi. Slightly outturned, rounded rim; tall, flaring wall, offset from shallow rounded bowl, divided from moulded ring foot by groove. Two vertical strap handles loop down from rim down to just above junction of wall and bowl. 2003.92.0162.jpg
50.5.1 Trefoil lipped oinochoe with rounded protrusions either side of neck-handle join. Single curved handle that reaches over into mouth, appears to have had an oblong pattern, and is flanked by moulded protrusions at the top and bottom. Wide neck with a groove at juncture with bulbous body. Ring foot reserved and base raised. 2006.20.0092.jpg
51.7.2 Lid: slightly convex top with circular groove (1.9 cm diam.) at the centre, overhanging a cylindrical body, with straight sides, terminating in a rounded rim at bottom. Pyxis: high cylindrical body with straight sides and simple rounded rim sits atop a flanged element, with rounded edges, that slopes sharply to a foot ring with tapered interior edge and rounded resting surface. 2003.92.0198.jpg
52.3.1 Wide mouth with flat, reserved rim. Two strap handles, one on each side, curve up from top of neck then down to shoulder. Body is inverted pear shape, tapering to very small foot with groove in middle.Ring on the junction of the body and the foot. Underside almost conical up to small, central, convex circle 2007.02.0023.jpg
52.3.2 Flat rim; tall mouth sloping in towards thin neck; handle curves up from top of neck, then down to body; groove separates rounded body from flat foot
56.8.1 Rim is flat and the neck blends into shoulder. Body descends into a thin groove before a sloping foot. 2003.97.0945.jpg
60.1.3 Stemless cup with a plain rounded rim. Two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising over the rim. Handles rise from half-way down the shallow bowl, which is divided from spreading, lipped torus ring foot by a broad groove. 2003.94.0022.jpg
60.1.4A-B Pyxis: inverted rim slightly hanging over bulbous body; small, ring torus foot above a slight groove; convex underside Lid: Gently slopes up to stem and donut shaped knob. 2004.05.0002.jpg Deep; rounded groove between body and broad foot 2008.99.0491.jpg
61.6.4 Deep skyphos with thickened round rim, groove just below, straight walls of unusually deep body that narrows, with a sharp cuve at the bottom, to a short concave stem, and a thick disk foot, rounded on the exterior and angled on the interior, with a flat resting surface and a slightly concave underside. Two u-shaped handles, round in cross section, rise from the upper part of the body to the height of the rim. 2010.98.0213.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.29 Stemless. Two handles, one either side from well below the rim are bent up at the ends. Shallow body descending to a groove and then a rounded footring.
REDMG:1935.87.6 Rounded rim on tapered flange, below which the walls spread out to a thin element that would have supported the lid; just below this are attached two horizontal horseshoe-shaped strap handles, slightly canted upwards, to which spurs are attached on either side. The lower body is offset from the handle zone, rounded in the lower part where it sharply joins a moulded foot, with groove above a spreading upper part and a broader, rounded lower part, hollow on the interior, with a narrow resting surface, and a pointed, slightly offset underside.
REDMG:1951.138.1 Moulded rounded (‘mushroom’) knob, topped by beveled disk with inset circle, conical indentation on upper surface, surrounded by a groove; cylindrical stem offset from a to a slightly diagonal lid, with a moulded flange on the underside, concave at centre.
REDMG:1951.161.1 Overhanging everted lip with rounded rim curves sharply a near cylindrical body, narrowing to a tapering stem, which in turn is joined to a hollowed, moulded pedestal base;.the upper surface of the base is nearly flat, surrounded by a ridge and then a groove from which the nearly vertical sides descend; two incurving round horizontal handles are attached just above the middle of the body. 2005.90.0006.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.33 Central well, surrounded by a ridge and groove; walls rising to broad rim, just beyond a groove on the upper surface, with overhanging vertical lip, tapering slightly out; on the underside the plate is slightly convex and joins a short, thick, angled ring foot, with a tapering resting surface and a slightly convex, pointed underside. 2005.89.0008.jpg
REDMG:1961.150.1 Spreading lip, flat, with rounded rim, above tall, cylindrical neck, with ridge at center, just above attachment of l-shaped strap-handle, joining at centre of shoulder; squat piriform body, nearly flat base, ridge at exterior, groove just within. 2004.99.0833.jpg
REDMG:1964.1632.1 Deep skyphos. Thin rim, slightly averted, below which u-shaped round horizontal handles are attached, and rise slightly to just above the height of the walls. The sides, tapering down, are slightly convex at the top and concave below, terminating in a groove, just above the short raised base with a flat underside, grooved on the outside. 2006.20.0246.jpg
REDMG:1964.1670 Rounded everted rim; sides comprise two concave parts, the upper one larger; groove inside mouth, approximately 1.0 cm below rim; flat but uneven base with comb or wire marks. 2004.99.0081.jpg
REDMG:2004.96.1 Palmette. Rounded rim on a concave lip, above shallow bowl; just below lip are attached two round horizontal handles, rectangular in shape, canted and slightly incurved, rising to just below the height of the rim. A short stem, slightly concave, attaches the bowl to a thick disk foot, with a groove at the outer edge of the vertical surface; broad, convex resting surface; hollowed through the middle of the stem. 2004.99.0960.jpg
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