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There are 22 objects for which Shape_description contains "half"
13.10.17 Barrel-shaped jug, deep-spreading lip, half has broken away. One handle, with a raised area along the middle. Clay on body rounded into a point in the middle of either side. 2003.92.0048.jpg
13.10.36 Upper half of moulded, standing female, holding an offering in right hand. Back unworked, with hole for ventilation when firing. 2007.12.0009.jpg
14.9.114 Lower half of a figurine (joins Reading 14.9.115), preserving the legs and lower torso of a nude boy, some drapery (a cloak) behind him that is twisted around his right hand, and the rectangular base on which he stands. 2002.97.0408.jpg
14.9.115 Top half of hollow figurine in the shape of a youth 2002.97.0411.jpg
2006.12.60 Half of small dish/lid? 2007.03.1107.jpg
2007.4.152 Base of a pot, around half of circular base remains, with stem and a small part of the bowl of the pot
2008.7.10 Conical base fragment half missing
2008.9.118b Box model of the bottom half of the Ure Museum's 'History' display case.
2008.9.118c Model of the interior of the bottom half of the Ure Museum's 'History' display case.
2016.5.4 Ovoidal body with round base. The shoulders are carved with vestigial tiny lugs handles. Short neck. Half section of the neck is broken off. 2016.01.0046.jpg
22.9.5 Sphere with base and one side handle still present. Only half intact with one side handle. Other handle and some other pieces with it but just fragments. Base of cup badly chipped. Underside of cup's base is inverted. 2003.29.0010.jpg
46.9.2 Rim set off by ridge at level of upper attachment of handle. Lower part of body grooved in upper reserved half. Side of foot stepped, resting surface grooved. Handles spurred. 2003.19.0003.jpg
48.11.8 This shape was particularly popular at Agrigento, where many tombs contained one example (it is called 'brochetto attingitoio' or juglet for drawing liquids, comparable to the attic 'chous'): see especially Veder Greco, Contrada Mosè: 264 (tomb 3); Contrada Pezzino: 306 (tomb 582), 348 (tomb 238), 352 (tomb 779), 353 (tomb 1086), 354 (tombs 585 and 1147), and 355 (tomb 1225). Cf. also Lentini 61613/E (top half glossed) and 61569/B (smaller): Lagona 1973, 86-87 nos. 185 and 186, pl. 30. 2003.92.0398.jpg
48.2.1 Two handles begin half way up the pot and finish above the rim. 2003.16.0005.jpg
50.4.17 Rim flat. Profile of upper half concave; moulded fillet between that and lower half. Foot is grooved and base is depressed. 2010.98.0046.jpg
51.4.11 Moulded rim, grooved, with flat upper surface and sharp lip, on a short cylindrical neck, with attaches, at a ridge, to an ovoid body, attached below, also at a ridge, to a slightly flaring stand, with splaying foot, slightly ridged on upper edge, bevelled on exterior, hollow on the interior. From the shoulder, on either side, rises an m-shaped handle (half of one chipped off) with short projections in the middle. Three holes (to enable air flow) are drilled into the upper part of the stand, just below the join. 2002.97.0369.jpg
78.12.17 'Cocked hat' lamp, Shallow bowl with one half of its rim folded in and pinched to form an open wick rest. Wide rim, base is uneven making lamp sit to left hand side. 2008.99.0681.jpg
79.1.16 Mainly circular body, nozzle is moulded with body disturbing the circular edge back half of body is deeper than the front. Shoulders are convex, discus is concave with a small circular filling hole in the centre. Long deep nozzle, sides follow smoothly on from the body, elongating the circular shape, slightly concave top marked with a ridge on either side, rounded tip and slightly irregular circular wick hole. Remains of small vertical handle attached to the shoulder. Small circular base, slightly concave not lineated. 2005.01.0042.jpg
E.63.17 Faience beads in half an oval shaped shell. Approximately 150 circular beads and 7 long beads (of varying lengths). 2005.89.0036.jpg
E.63.28 The lip is narrow, no neck and a weak shoulder. The body flares to the widest point in the lower half of the jar just above the foot. The widest point tapers to the foot, which is approximately 1cm in height with a flat base. 2002.98.0180.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.54 Wide-mouthed mug. Rounded outturned rim, narrowing at the neck and broadening to a baggy body, in a continuous curve down to the thick torus ring foot, with a thin resting surface, diagonal element, and offset underside; a vertical loop ribbon handle is tucked in just below the rim where it adjoins the upper half of the body.
REDMG:1953.25.77 Large circular, deep body, flat shoulder, slightly raised, concave discus with a small filling hole in the centre. the beginnings of two nozzles, both sided are concave with large decorative features protruding from either side. Base of handle remains with half of the hole left. Ring base, slightly concave. 2005.01.0270.jpg
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