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There are 24 objects for which Shape_description contains "hand"
13.10.36 Upper half of moulded, standing female, holding an offering in right hand. Back unworked, with hole for ventilation when firing. 2007.12.0009.jpg
14.9.114 Lower half of a figurine (joins Reading 14.9.115), preserving the legs and lower torso of a nude boy, some drapery (a cloak) behind him that is twisted around his right hand, and the rectangular base on which he stands. 2002.97.0408.jpg
14.9.117 Standing female, holding tambourine, tympanum or phiale in right hand across body. 2008.03.0013.jpg
23.11.31A2 Winged female facing forwards, wearing a long patterned skirt, and holding a sickle in her right hand. 2005.06.0109.jpg
23.11.31IIII Female facing left, wearing a pointed headdress over long styled hair. One hand appears to be held up to the face. There is a thin spike projecting upwards at the back. The skirt is belted at the waist, and is patterned with vertical bands containing zigzags or chevrons which terminate at a shin-length curved hem. The left shin and foot appear angled back to the other foot, giving the figure the appearance of walking. 2005.06.0062.jpg
23.11.31K2 Hand holding a wreath comprised of triangular shaped elements 2003.96.0024.jpg
23.11.31KK Male facing left, playing pipes. Wearing only a short cloak, which is wound about the shoulders and draped to fall forward over both arms. The left hand holds the pipes to the lips, and the right hand is clenched to grip an incomplete object. 2003.96.0036.jpg
23.11.31UU Two fragments of a female. She wears a sash, knotted at the front with a bow, over a long skirt patterned with vertical bands of single- and double-line zigzags. Her right hand is holding a plate or dish. 2005.06.0132.jpg
34.10.22 Nude standing youth holding cock in left hand. Inside is completely hollow. 2002.97.0377.jpg
34.10.23 Molded figurine (hollowed at back in a tall rectangle) depicting Leda with the swan. Leda stands with her right foot upraised (on a rick?), and holds in her upraised left arm a himation, which wraps around her back and swirls onto the top of her right leg, to cover her pudenda, right leg, and run down the interior of her left leg. She holds the swan firmly with her right hand, so that it is tucked under her right arm. 2002.97.0419.jpg
47.2.29 Female tambourine player, with wheelmade body, moulded face and handmade arms. Facial features well preserved. Right hand plays tambourine and is placed higher than left. 2008.99.0004.jpg
50.4.22 The bowl is a variant of Hoffmann's shape III (see H. Hoffmann, Tarentine Rhyta [Mainz 1966] 2) but the bowl is unusually aligned with the animal head. The Reading example corresponds to Hoffmann's 'main group' of Tarentine ram's-head rhyta, and particularly to his group E, which is 'the first wholly naturalistic representation of the ram-head', which he ascribes to the 'hand of Coroplast Beta' 2003.92.0306.jpg
50.4.25 Circular body, concave discus with a circular filling hole to the frontal left hand side. Flat nozzle with concave sides and single ended volutes, the tip is splayed and ends in an obtuse angle, the wick hole is circular. There is a base demarcated but not raised, the base is slightly concave. 2001.99.0018.jpg
57.3.12 Head and part of body with right arm and hand of Atthis figurine, holding pan-pipes. He wears a Phrygian cap with long ear-pieces, long-sleeved tunic, and cloak. 2005.02.0076.jpg
78.12.10 Circular body, flat moulded shoulder, small concave discus with a small filling in the front right hand side of the discus. Short flat nozzle, rounded tip with a slightly irregular wick hole that cuts into the shoulder area. Vertical handle which reaches down towards the base and attaches around the shoulder, circular piercing through handle. Circular unmarked base, slightly concave. 2005.01.0114.jpg
78.12.16 Deep circular body with a rounded shoulder terminating in a large filling hole. Long rounded nozzle titling slightly upwards, irregular rounded tip and an oval wick hole. Large splayed foot. Small vertical lug on the right hand side. 2008.99.0799.jpg
78.12.17 'Cocked hat' lamp, Shallow bowl with one half of its rim folded in and pinched to form an open wick rest. Wide rim, base is uneven making lamp sit to left hand side. 2005.01.0099.jpg
78.12.7 Shallow circular body, small shoulder with concave discus with a small filling hole just off the centre of the discus. Medium nozzle, flat with concave sides, rounded tip and central circular wick hole. Base is unmarked, circular and slightly concave. Right hand stands slightly taller than the left. 2008.99.0808.jpg
79.1.1 Deep Circular body, concave discus with a wide filling hole. Flat nozzle with an oval wick hole. Small pierced lug on the right hand side of the lamp. Circular foot. 2005.01.0021.jpg
79.1.3 Circular deep body with slightly concave discus, large filling hole and a shoulder lug on the right hand side. Flat nozzle, small oval wick hole. Shallow circular foot, slightly concave with a smaller circle within the foot. 2005.01.0320.jpg
79.1.4 Small Circular body with a convex shoulder and a small flat discus with a large filling hole. Small lug on right hand side with dent in the top, this however does not reach through to the bottom. Flat long nozzle, slightly concave sides with a splayed tip and an oval wick hole. Small circular concave foot. 2005.01.0025.jpg
E.47.6.9 Undulating pie-crust mouth (probably hand molded). The body is globular and the base is rounded, with a small part flattened. The base presents the finger marks of the potter. It seems to have been suspended by a string around the neck (attached). 2002.98.0031.jpg
E.63.1 Fragment has four sides and shows the top right hand corner of the tablet. 2002.98.0163.jpg
L.2016.3.14 Female dancer, slightly turned to her left in a likewise slight step position. Her right arm slopes down, her left arm is raised and she is looking to her left hand, which is bent backwards. A hole in mentioned hand gives rise to the suspicion that she is holding an (missing) object. There is another hole at her left heel.
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