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There are 9 objects for which Shape_description contains "handmade"
13.10.37 Fragment of female (?), handmade head, with distinctive pointed nose. 2005.02.0194.jpg
13.10.38 Female (?) handmade head wearing a fillet. Pointed distintive nose. 2008.01.0003.jpg
25.8.2 Handmade 2003.97.0771.jpg
39.9.7 The body is supported by a low-stemmed, ring-shaped base, gradually widening out to the foot. The handles are handmade, almost circular and they rise a bit higher than the rim. 2004.14.0009.jpg
47.2.28 Cylindrical, wheelmade figurine with mouldmade face and handmade arms. Holds quadruped, possibly kid, goat or sheep, with distinctive pellet eye. 2008.99.0007.jpg
47.2.29 Female tambourine player, with wheelmade body, moulded face and handmade arms. Facial features well preserved. Right hand plays tambourine and is placed higher than left. 2008.99.0004.jpg
47.2.30 Cylindrical, wheelmade with moulded head and handmade arms. Holds offering (bird?) in arms, although damaged so identification uncertain. 2010.99.0188.jpg
47.2.31 Standing female holding tambourine. Cylindrical, wheelmade body, mouldmade face and handmade arms. 2008.99.0146.jpg
50.12.33 Fragment of a small jar, handmade, with broken stump of handle 2006.20.0154.jpg
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