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There are 9 objects for which Shape_description contains "helmet"
23.11.31A Warrior facing left, holding shield, spear, and crested helmet. 2005.06.0003.jpg
23.11.31C Spartan warrior, profile to left, wearing helmet and holding round shield (with spot in the centre) and spear. 2005.06.0017.jpg
23.11.31E Profile figure facing left wearing a helmet and holding a shield with bike spokes formation. Appears to have once held a spear. Two prominent wide legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour brown-grey. 2005.06.0030.jpg
23.11.31K Warrior standing in profile to the left, wearing a helmet, holding a spear and a circular shield with radiating lines. 2005.06.0070.jpg
23.11.31N Profile figure facing left with a flat helmet revealing the face. Only a stump of the spear remains. Holding a complete circular shield with a pattern visible. Thin legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour white-grey. 2005.06.0093.jpg
23.11.31QQQQ Warrior facing right, wearing a crested helmet and carrying a round "bicycle-spoke" shield. 2005.06.0112.jpg
23.11.31V Warrior facing right, with crested helmet and round shield decorated with "bicycle-spoke" design. There is an also area of square grid-marking on the neck, below the back of the helmet.
23.11.31Y Warrior facing left, with round spoke-design shield and crested helmet. 2005.06.0154.jpg
47.2.27 Cylindrical figure of a warrior. Pointed helmet, moulded face with long beard. Arms across chest, right carries shield, may have also held a spear, although now damaged. 2009.99.0109.jpg
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