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There are 8 objects for which Shape_description contains "hexagonal" Rounded hexagonal
13.10.5 Hexagonal fragment perhaps broken at both ends. Dagger with angular shoulder and straight butt; ogival outline, lower end flattened. 2010.99.0128.jpg
2008.7.114 Hexagonal rim fragment
2008.7.116 Hexagonal shaped fragment with remnants of rim; remnants of handle base on exterior
2008.7.26 Hexagonal fragment
2008.7.54 Hexagonal fragment from possibly neck of a pot as the exterior top of the fragment curves out into what could be a lip; exterior base of fragment also begins to curve outwards; horizontal curvature to the fragment
2008.7.74 Hexagonal fragment; horizontal curvature; slight vertical curvature at one end of the fragment
26.2.68 Fragment of the bottom part of the cup of a chalice(?)or bowl(?). Single, hexagonal fragment from the floor of the bowl. 2007.03.1175.jpg
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