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There are 10 objects for which Shape_description contains "higher"
14.9.60 Fragment including curved outer edge, underside has distinct curved ridge halfway in. Whole piece sloped higher towards middle. 2006.20.0321.jpg
35.4.4 Trefoil lip oinochoe, with a handle of ellipsoid cross-section that is raised higher than the lip. The body is spherical and the short foot is conical. Gill's shape 5c. 2003.31.0091.jpg
39.9.7 The body is supported by a low-stemmed, ring-shaped base, gradually widening out to the foot. The handles are handmade, almost circular and they rise a bit higher than the rim. 2004.14.0009.jpg
47.2.29 Female tambourine player, with wheelmade body, moulded face and handmade arms. Facial features well preserved. Right hand plays tambourine and is placed higher than left. 2008.99.0004.jpg
51.7.1 Trefoil lipped; high handle with ridge down middle curves up from the shoulder considerably higher than the rim; neck progresses smoothly to body, as body does to foot; foot is stepped with the side reserved; underneath is ruddled and concave with convex centre. 2005.88.0046.jpg
64.7.1 Stemless (of a late type). Thin inturned rim; shallow bowl; one remaining rounded handle curves up slightly higher than the rim from just below the rim; round footring; flat underside with slight moulded circle on base. 2003.57.0002.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.23 Two handles, all black and one either side which start at base of body and curl up and over, higher than mouth with small spurs at the base. Mouth has wide rim.
TEMP.2003.6.12 The handle is riddled, of ellipsoid cross-section, curving upwards, higher than the rim. 2006.20.0466.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.6 Two-handled skyphos. The double, riddled handle is of ellipsoid cross-section and curves upwards (higher than the body). 2006.20.0464.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.7 Two-handled skyphos. The handles are of ellipsoid cross-section, riddled and curving upwards (higher than the body). a) Part of the rim and body. c) Part of the body. d) One handle and part of the body. e) Part of the other handle. f) Tiny bit of the handle. g) Part of the handle and body. 2006.20.0406.jpg
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