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There are 26 objects for which Shape_description contains "holding"
13.10.28 Seated female figurine of Kourotrophos holding child on lap, with raised head. Seated on chair with flat back. 2008.99.0087.jpg
13.10.29 Seated Kourotrophos, holding child with bonnet. 2006.20.0456.jpg
13.10.36 Upper half of moulded, standing female, holding an offering in right hand. Back unworked, with hole for ventilation when firing. 2007.12.0009.jpg
14.9.117 Standing female, holding tambourine, tympanum or phiale in right hand across body. 2008.99.0023.jpg
23.11.31A Warrior facing left, holding shield, spear, and crested helmet. 2005.06.0003.jpg
23.11.31A2 Winged female facing forwards, wearing a long patterned skirt, and holding a sickle in her right hand. 2005.06.0109.jpg
23.11.31BB Warrior facing right, holding a round shield with a design of spokes radiating from a central boss, and a diagonally-hefted spear. 2005.06.0013.jpg
23.11.31C Spartan warrior, profile to left, wearing helmet and holding round shield (with spot in the centre) and spear. 2005.06.0017.jpg
23.11.31E Profile figure facing left wearing a helmet and holding a shield with bike spokes formation. Appears to have once held a spear. Two prominent wide legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour brown-grey. 2005.06.0030.jpg
23.11.31K Warrior standing in profile to the left, wearing a helmet, holding a spear and a circular shield with radiating lines. 2005.06.0070.jpg
23.11.31K2 Hand holding a wreath comprised of triangular shaped elements 2003.96.0025.jpg
23.11.31L Profile warrior holding a round shield. 2005.06.0077.jpg
23.11.31N Profile figure facing left with a flat helmet revealing the face. Only a stump of the spear remains. Holding a complete circular shield with a pattern visible. Thin legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour white-grey. 2005.06.0093.jpg
23.11.31Q Warrior facing right, holding a round shield with a wavy "sun" design. 2005.06.0107.jpg
23.11.31RRRR Crested figure facing right holding a shield and a spear. The shield is decorated with a rosette and boss design, and a straight but separate element runs down from the left of the shield and across near the base. 2005.06.0119.jpg
23.11.31UU Two fragments of a female. She wears a sash, knotted at the front with a bow, over a long skirt patterned with vertical bands of single- and double-line zigzags. Her right hand is holding a plate or dish. 2005.06.0132.jpg
23.11.31Z Striding male facing left, holding a spear and a round shield with "bicycle-spoke" design 2005.06.0194.jpg
34.10.22 Nude standing youth holding cock in left hand. Inside is completely hollow. 2002.97.0377.jpg
47.2.31 Standing female holding tambourine. Cylindrical, wheelmade body, mouldmade face and handmade arms. 2008.99.0146.jpg
47.2.33 Standing, mouldmade female, holding tamborine and wearing pointed cap. Ears and nose most prominent facial features, with virtually no mouth visible, fingers incised. 2008.99.0151.jpg
47.2.34 Standing mouldmade female, holding tambourine, with pointed headdress and large hands. 2005.81.0025.jpg
57.3.12 Head and part of body with right arm and hand of Atthis figurine, holding pan-pipes. He wears a Phrygian cap with long ear-pieces, long-sleeved tunic, and cloak. 2005.02.0076.jpg
E.62.20 Possibly for holding a small jar. DSCN0183.jpg
L.2016.3.14 Female dancer, slightly turned to her left in a likewise slight step position. Her right arm slopes down, her left arm is raised and she is looking to her left hand, which is bent backwards. A hole in mentioned hand gives rise to the suspicion that she is holding an (missing) object. There is another hole at her left heel.
REDMG:1953.25.188 Draped adult (perhaps man) holding a baby. 2003.93.0108.jpg
REDMG:1964.1159.1 Horse and rider. Rider is comparatively smaller to horse and holding round the neck of the horse. 2003.93.0138.jpg
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