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There are 20 objects for which Shape_description contains "hollowed"
34.10.23 Molded figurine (hollowed at back in a tall rectangle) depicting Leda with the swan. Leda stands with her right foot upraised (on a rick?), and holds in her upraised left arm a himation, which wraps around her back and swirls onto the top of her right leg, to cover her pudenda, right leg, and run down the interior of her left leg. She holds the swan firmly with her right hand, so that it is tucked under her right arm. 2002.97.0419.jpg
34.10.8 Short cylindrical knob, with grooved flat top, grooved profile, and conical stem broadening to the slightly domed top of the lid. At the midpoint of the lid, beyond a gentle groove and a ridge, the lid flares to a rounded edge, the underside of which narrows to a tapering straight sided walls that would have sat inside the vase to which it belonged (perhaps a stamnos). The underside of the lid is hollowed, rounded, and smooth. 2008.98.0476.jpg
47.2.21 Bell, with a rounded lower edge, narrowing sharply and then tapering slowly to a rounded shoulder, where it is attached to a round knob, hollowed on one side, thickened on the other, pierced with a hole; there is another hole in the top of the bell, just below the hollowed part of the knob. A hand-modeled striking ball is attached, with a thin piece of jute string, knotted through the top hole and lowered through the bottom hole. 2010.99.0080.jpg
49.12.1 Everted, nearly flat rim, with round lip, curves sharply to a cylindrical upper body, somewhat concave, separated from the lower body by a ridge above a flange. The lower body is comprised of four horizontal ribs, above a shallow bowl that narrows to a thin, short stem, that curves continuously into a conical foot, finishing with a broad groove above a rounded edge. The underside is hollowed. Two strap handles, which flare on either side, rise up above the rim and then descend to rejoin the body at the flange. A spur projects from the lower part of each handle, approximately in the middle of the upper body. 2008.98.0387.jpg
50.4.4 Female mask (hollowed at back), with gaping mouth, hollowed eyes, hair arranged in thick ridges, at side of head and above brow (fringe). 2004.07.0007.jpg
50.5.5 Large krater with wide, downturned rim that extends sharply from the top of the body; two upcurving handles high on the body, which narrows to a short, cylindrical stem; hollowed pedestal foot, ridged just below the top of the foot. The resting surface is concave and the underside undulates smoothly up to the bottom of the bowl. 2004.04.0002.jpg
59.6.1 Everted, concave rim, with round lip, offset by a carination from a shallow bowl, tapering sharply to a short stem that broadens to a moulded foot, concave in profile, with a nearly flat resting surface, grooved just within the resting surface, hollowed and conical within; a slightly incurving d-shaped handle rises up, on either side, from the centre of the bowl to the height of the kylix. 2010.98.0333.jpg
60.8.3A-B Lid: three tiered round knob with central, nearly conical well; short concave stem curving above and below into knob and lid; nearly flat lid tapering gently to a short vertical rim, rounded at both edges. The underside is slightly hollowed under the knob. Lekanis: shallow bowl with a short nearly vertical flange, rounded at the lip, straight but tapering walls, slightly carinated and narrowing, with convex lower portion, to a very short stem, on a rounded disk foot, with a flat resting surface, curved on the underside, with a rounded point at the centre. A wishbone handle rises from the top of the wall, on either side; a lug protrudes from either side of each handle. Ure 1960, 216 notes that what remains of the one handle indicates that it was pointed (wish-bone shaped) at the centre as well as rounded in section. 2010.98.0344.jpg
61.6.5 Lid: Short button knob, with flat band, beveled interior edge, and slightly convex top, curving smoothly to a nearly flat underside that smoothly joins a short, slightly concave stem, that again smoothly joins a flat, tapering smoothly to a short vertical rim, rounded at both edges. The underside is hollowed under the knob. One-handler: shallow bowl with a short nearly vertical flange, rounded at the lip, straight but tapering walls curving into a convex lower portion then a very short stem, on a rounded disk foot, with a flat resting surface, beveled on the interior, and slightly convex on the underside. A single, recurved horizontal handle, round in section, rises above the rim. 2002.97.0677.jpg
68.12.2 Short cylindrical knob, flat-topped and double-recessed in centre. The short concave stem connects the cylinder to the short domed lid, in a continuous curve. Beyond a gouge the outer 1.8 cm of the lid becomes slightly concave and after two ridges terminates in a slightly rounded edge.The underside is hollowed just below the knob, and has a short flange intended to sits inside the rim of the pyxis to which it would have belonged. 2002.97.0272.jpg
68.12.3 Pomegranate shaped knob, with small hole in the recess at the top, smoothly attached to a short stem, slightly concave, that spreads to a short domed lid, which in turn spreads to a flat rim with sharp beveled edge, slightly thicker underside, smoothly turned to a tapered flange with a rounded edge. Hollowed, round, smooth underside. 2008.99.0609.jpg
E.62.40 Three pieces. Lid is circular and flat with a central knob handle, also circular. Second piece is the ring which sits between lid and base and is circular with a central hole cut out and a rim on the underside so it sits in the base. Base is wide at shoulder and tapers to the bottom with smooth walls. At top is a slighlty raised rim to receive ring. Inside is a hollowed out cylinder, not to the contours of the outer wall. 2002.98.0008.jpg
REDMG:1934.53.4 Broad flaring lip, convex on the upper surface, with a downturned rim, offset from a concave shallow bowl; hollow high stem offset from plate but spreading at the bottom into a disk foot, hollowed on the interior. 2004.99.0437.jpg
REDMG:1951.144.1 Central well, surrounded by a ridge, rising to broad rim with overhanging vertical lip, tapering slightly in; on the underside the plate curves to a short, thick stem that broadens to a moulded foot, concave and flaring on the exterior surface, hollowed on the interior, with a flat resting surface, pointed at centre of plate. 2005.99.0120.jpg
REDMG:1951.150.1 Flaring rim, curving continuously from the exterior, with an overhanging, convex lip, curving on the underside into a short, thick neck that broadens to a baggy body, sharply joined to a broad pedestal foot, flat on the upper surface, convex on the vertical surface, and hollowed slightly interior, with a cyma molding leading up to a flat underside.The triple-ridged strap handles rise up from the sides of the neck and rejoin at the shoulders. 2005.99.0161.jpg
REDMG:1951.160.1 Large krater with everted mouth and downturned rim, two recurved horizontal round handles attached to the upper part of the cylindrical body, which narrows to ashort, broad stem that curves into a pedestal foot, with a recessed band above slightly tapering sides, hollowed within. 2003.95.0072.jpg
REDMG:1951.161.1 Overhanging everted lip with rounded rim curves sharply a near cylindrical body, narrowing to a tapering stem, which in turn is joined to a hollowed, moulded pedestal base;.the upper surface of the base is nearly flat, surrounded by a ridge and then a groove from which the nearly vertical sides descend; two incurving round horizontal handles are attached just above the middle of the body. 2005.90.0006.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.66 Two thin vertical strap handles arch up from the top of a cylindrical neck, slightly offset at the bottom, and rejoin at the middle of a sloping shoulder; shoulder curves sharply into a conical body, slightly rounded at the bottom where it joins a short stem flaring to a disk foot, hollowed at the bottom. 2003.93.0355.jpg
REDMG:1953.41.1 Rounded rim on a concave lip, above shallow bowl; just below lip are attached two round horizontal handles, rectangular in shape, slightly incurving. A short stem, slightly concave, attaches the bowl to a thick disk foot, convex on the underside (a continuation of the rounded resting surface) but hollowed through the middle of the stem. 2005.99.0133.jpg
REDMG:2004.96.1 Palmette. Rounded rim on a concave lip, above shallow bowl; just below lip are attached two round horizontal handles, rectangular in shape, canted and slightly incurved, rising to just below the height of the rim. A short stem, slightly concave, attaches the bowl to a thick disk foot, with a groove at the outer edge of the vertical surface; broad, convex resting surface; hollowed through the middle of the stem. 2004.99.0960.jpg
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