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There are 11 objects for which Shape_description contains "horizontally"
11.10.15 With vertical ring handles. The whole of the body fluted horizontally. Side of foot ridged; underside concave with a narrow flat resting surface and a slight projection in the centre. 2003.29.0084.jpg
13.10.6 Flat bronze heart-shape piece, flaring at the pointed end, with a spool-shaped element (reel-shaped, according to Catling, as recorded in the Ure archives), horizontally arranged and attached at the centre of the upper part; Each end of the spool comprises a flat disk, while at the centre the surface is curved and narrower, so that a vertical space is revealed between the heart and the spool. 2010.99.0112.jpg
26.4.1A-B Lid: central 'pagoda-like' knob. Pyxis: feet are grooved horizontally; raised base is slightly convex. 2003.17.0001.jpg
50.10.2 Slightly everted lip with nearly flat rim, on a cylindrical bowl with concave sides, divided with a a sharp carination from a convex lower that smoothly curves into a short stem on a rounded foot ring, with rounded resting surface, tapering inner wall, and nearly flat underside. Two suspension holes are arranged horizontally just below the rim on one side. 2008.98.0344.jpg
51.7.12 Offset rim; origionally two handles of which only one remains, protruding horizontally from just below the rim; body initially rounded but then tapers fairly sharply to very narrow, raised footring; base flat 2003.93.0368.jpg
60.1.2 Pagenstecher lekythos. (Restored rim); thin neck from the middle of which handle protrudes horizontally before sloping down to rounded body; broad foot; concave underside 2003.99.0039.jpg
60.8.1 Cup of Ionian type. Tall, slightly outturned rim; ridge between rim and deep body; two small, rounded handles emerge horizontally from the top of the body; conical footring; concave base. 2002.97.0506.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.38 Lekanis: slightly everted rim with diagonal flange, curves in to a shallow bowl; two flanged ribbon handles, attached horizontally just below rim; pronounced ring foot with vertical sides and raised underside. Lid: Moulded knob with deep circular depression; in centre of sloping lid, which steps down with three fasciae and then a convex lower part decorated with two incised bands; rounded rim. 2003.93.0102.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.51 Upturned rim, slightly offset from the neck, which is cylindrical and nearly straight, joining an ovoid body, slightly baggy, supported by a broad ring base. Vertical strap handle, grooved, extends horizontally from the rim and curves back into the body, which it joins in the upper part.
REDMG:1953.25.57 Cup mouth with slighted everted, rounded rim, concave lip, narrows to neck, which flares to a top-heavy body; round vertical extends horizontally from the rim and descends in slight s-curve to the shoulder; slightly raised base with flat underside, worked with spiral pattern grooved in.
REDMG:2003.84.1 Amphora with a wide neck tapering towards an outward rim. Two handles attached horizontally to the shoulder. Wide body tapers towards the delineated, slightly concave base.
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