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There are 7 objects for which Shape_description contains "iii"
50.4.22 The bowl is a variant of Hoffmann's shape III (see H. Hoffmann, Tarentine Rhyta [Mainz 1966] 2) but the bowl is unusually aligned with the animal head. The Reading example corresponds to Hoffmann's 'main group' of Tarentine ram's-head rhyta, and particularly to his group E, which is 'the first wholly naturalistic representation of the ram-head', which he ascribes to the 'hand of Coroplast Beta' 2003.92.0306.jpg
58.2.6 One-handled bowl. Rim is slightly concave. Handle is in wishbone shape. A deep well is in the centre, of a greatly smaller diameter than the rest of the bowl. For general shape cf. Sydney, Nicholson Museum 55.18 (Base-ring wheel-made Ware, Late Cypriot III). 2003.92.0112.jpg
L.2016.3.24 Coin of Alexandros III.
REDMG:1942.5.6.2 Small trefoil oinochoe, group iii. Pinched trefoil mouth from which rises at the back a high swung strap handle that rejoins the body above the middle; small indentation on lower part of handle; short, wide neck that curves continuously into the baggy body; short, plain ring foot, slightly concave on underside, with central nipple.
REDMG:1953.25.30 White-ground lekythos, group iii. Conical mouth with flat rim, slightly offset from cylindrical neck which curves sharply into nearly diagonal shoulder; vertical strap handle (missing) reached from top of neck to bottom of the shoulder, below which a carination marks the join with the straight body that tapers down to a high, molded, pedestal foot, grooved at the top of the slightly convex vertical surface, concave on the underside, with a nipple at the centre.
REDMG:1953.25.4 Plain rim, below which are attached two horizontal round handles; curved sides, nearly vertical at the top and tapering more sharply towards the angled ring foot. Shape corresponds to Corinth black-glazed skyphoi, group iii, although the pattern on this skyphos is quite different. 2003.93.0325.jpg
REDMG:1964.1649 White-ground lekythos, group iii. Tall cylindrical neck broadening to a diagonal shoulder. Vertical strap handle rises from top of neck to bottom of the shoulder, where it broadens. Below the handle attachment a carination marks the join with the straight body, which narrows at the base to a molded pedestal foot with a slightly concave outer edge, convex underside, indented in the centre.
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