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There are 5 objects for which Shape_description contains "including"
14.9.60 Fragment including curved outer edge, underside has distinct curved ridge halfway in. Whole piece sloped higher towards middle. 2006.20.0321.jpg
26.2.11 Fragment including part of rim of a very small bowl. 2013.04.0028.jpg
26.2.16 'Ioninan'. Lower part of body and beginning of foot, including central boss. 2003.45.0056.jpg
50.3.2 Tall and slightly lopsided. Steep angled wall with a slightly everted rim and a ridge just below; two ridges at bottom of wall, including join with slightly sloping floor; another ridge marks the join with the cylindrical stem, slightly broadening at the bottom; two ridges mark the join with the trumpet-shaped base. Offset on interior at join of wall and floor. Base conical on underside. 2003.97.0304.jpg
69.7.1 Foot-shaped aryballos; Dohan Morrow's Group II, 'network sandals' (Dohan Morrow 1985, 6-9) or Ducat's type B foot-shaped vases (Ducat 1966, 182-84). Foot-shaped aryballos with a broad rim, short vertical strap handle, squared, offset neck; the body of the vase in the shape of a left foot, including ankle, with relief decoration that gives the effect of a sandal enclosing it, and a flat, reserved base. 2005.88.0054.jpg
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