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There are 13 objects for which Shape_description contains "inverted"
22.9.5 Sphere with base and one side handle still present. Only half intact with one side handle. Other handle and some other pieces with it but just fragments. Base of cup badly chipped. Underside of cup's base is inverted. 2003.29.0010.jpg
45.6.56 "tear-bottle" - outturned rim; long thin neck; inverted ovoid body tapers to long thin stem and outturned foot mirroring rim and neck; small, flat base. 2003.98.0076.jpg
48.12.4 Broad, flat rim; short neck the length of which runs the handle with a hole for suspension; inverted oviod body; rounded base. 2003.92.0261.jpg
48.5.2 Mouth has thin rim and near vertical walls tapering down to neck; two upside down U-shaped handles start mid-neck and curve upwards before joining the shoulder; inverted ovoid body; near conical foot with mirrored concave base. 2010.98.0078.jpg
49.8.9 Scale aryballos (pointed/piriform). The vessel has a flat, wide, disk-shaped rim, a banded handle and a slim, cylindrical neck. The body is ovaloid (inverted egg) and the base is ring-shaped.
50.5.3 Rounded mouth, thin lip. Thick strap handle curves up from bottom of neck before descending to shoulder. Ring at the junction between neck and shoulder. Curivng shoulder towards the neck. Body inverted pear shape. Thin foot. Base convex underneath. 2007.01.0012.jpg
52.3.1 Wide mouth with flat, reserved rim. Two strap handles, one on each side, curve up from top of neck then down to shoulder. Body is inverted pear shape, tapering to very small foot with groove in middle.Ring on the junction of the body and the foot. Underside almost conical up to small, central, convex circle 2007.02.0023.jpg
56.8.8 The body is conical, widening towards the top. The rim has horizontal sides and a small lip at the top. The band handles are almost ellipsoid, with peaked terminations. Ribbon handles. The base is in the shape of an inverted echinus (a conical stand?). 2003.95.0104.jpg
58.2.2 Sloping rim; thin neck; inverted pear-shaped body tapering to a small rounded foot. 2003.98.0080.jpg
60.1.4A-B Pyxis: inverted rim slightly hanging over bulbous body; small, ring torus foot above a slight groove; convex underside Lid: Gently slopes up to stem and donut shaped knob. 2004.05.0002.jpg
67.7.2 Outturned rim; long, thin, roughly rendered neck; inverted oviod body tapering smoothly into thin stem slightly shorter than neck; flares out to flat base.
REDMG:1935.87.32 Column krater. The handles have two bars of a cylindrical cross-section and adjoin in a square at the rim, having side-surfaces above the bars. The foot is in the shape of an inverted echinus, a cylindrical stand widening towards the bottom. There is also a plastic ring just below the lowest part of the body. 2005.89.0042.jpg
REDMG:1958.13.1 Small bowl with inverted base and tiny rim. Tiny nub handle and five tiny points project from the rim.
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