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There are 32 objects for which Shape_description contains "join"
13.10.22 Fat Body, narrow neck leading to an out turned rim. One handle join the shoulder of the vase to the neck directly beneath the rim. Low ring foot 2003.92.0062.jpg
2005.3.33 Fragment of bird kylix - base of the bowl and join of stem 2006.20.0370.jpg
2008.7.36 Irregularly shaped rim fragment; from rim down to just past the join of neck and shoulder.
23.11.7 Flat base; rounded lower body to which are attached two small triangular handles, circular in cross-section, which rise slightly; sharply curved join to upper body, which flares broadly to a plain, rounded rim. 2004.98.0022.jpg
23.11.8 Flat base; bulbous lower body from which emerge two horizontal handles, circular in cross-section, which rise slightly; carinated at join to upper body which flares broadly to a plain, rounded rim. 2004.98.0024.jpg
23.4.1 Stemless. Groove separating slightly flaring rim from body. Handles curve slightly upwards from the top of the body. Another groove at join between body and foot. 2003.24.0005.jpg
27.4.1 Deep ovoid bowl with concave rim and rounded lip, narrowing to a disk foot, rounded on the exterior, sharply beveled on the interior, with a flat resting surface and a slightly convex underside. On either side a u-shaped handle, round in cross-section, rises up from just below the rim, top the height of the lip. There is a slight groove at the join of body and foot. 2004.01.0001.jpg
34.2.2 Small hydria with plain everted rim, with a round lip, curving continuously to a narrow concave neck and a sloping shoulder, then an ovoid body attached to a short disk foot, tapering on both exterior and interior, with a flat resting surface and a pointed underside. The vertical strap handle, slightly concave on its outer side, reaches from the lip to the widest part of the body, where it curves into the shoulder. Two horizontal d-shaped, upcurving handles, round in section, also rise up from the join of the shoulder and body. 2002.97.0658.jpg
45.6.17 Flared mouth with flat lip. Handle starts halfway down neck, curves up and then down to join shoulder. Long, narrow body. Broad foot. Central concave section on base. 2003.12.0081.jpg
48.12.10 Long tall neck from the top of which handle loops up and then down to join edge of broad shoulder, curning slightly upwards. Straight body; sturdy, flat foot; concave base. Cf. Smith 2003, BSA 98, p349, footnote 24, pl. 58 d-f (see also 'comments'). 2005.89.0029.jpg
50.10.5 Incurving, rounded on the top rim; fairly deep bowl curves into thick low stem; two tiny grooves at join of stem and base; broad, flat foot; conical underside.
50.3.2 Tall and slightly lopsided. Steep angled wall with a slightly everted rim and a ridge just below; two ridges at bottom of wall, including join with slightly sloping floor; another ridge marks the join with the cylindrical stem, slightly broadening at the bottom; two ridges mark the join with the trumpet-shaped base. Offset on interior at join of wall and floor. Base conical on underside. 2003.97.0304.jpg
50.5.1 Trefoil lipped oinochoe with rounded protrusions either side of neck-handle join. Single curved handle that reaches over into mouth, appears to have had an oblong pattern, and is flanked by moulded protrusions at the top and bottom. Wide neck with a groove at juncture with bulbous body. Ring foot reserved and base raised. 2006.20.0092.jpg
51.4.11 Moulded rim, grooved, with flat upper surface and sharp lip, on a short cylindrical neck, with attaches, at a ridge, to an ovoid body, attached below, also at a ridge, to a slightly flaring stand, with splaying foot, slightly ridged on upper edge, bevelled on exterior, hollow on the interior. From the shoulder, on either side, rises an m-shaped handle (half of one chipped off) with short projections in the middle. Three holes (to enable air flow) are drilled into the upper part of the stand, just below the join. 2002.97.0369.jpg
51.7.16 Wide cup mouth with a reserved, flat rim. Two tripartite strap handles rise up from the neck and join the body at the shoulders. Ovoid body tapers to a thick disk foot, beneath a short (restored) stem. Base is concave 2001.99.0160.jpg
53.8.2 Rounded rim; steep angled wall; slightly sloping floor continuously curving to the stemmed foot with a high trumpet-shaped base below moulding. Offset on interior at join of wall and floor. Base mostly flat but conical at the centre. Cf. Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum 918.3.72: Hayes 1984, 100 no. C67 (ill.) 2008.99.0710.jpg
58.2.4 Wide rim with bevelled lip. Long wide neck leading to a short and rounded body, base protrudes from body but has been damaged (during firing process ?). The handle attaches to the top of the body and then again at the join of the rim and the neck. There is a fork shaped spur which follows the curve of the handle and rim and then continues above the main body of the jug. 2003.92.0082.jpg
73.10.1 Tall knob, circular in section, flat at top except for a grooved section; knob which narrows then widens to a carination towards the bottom, and narrows again to the join with the concave lid. Flanged rim. 2005.89.0024.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.60 Cup mouth, cylindrical neck, to which inside of handle is attached and rises, rejoining at the shoulder; body with straight sides descending from carination at bottom of shoulder; lower body curves in to join molded pedestal foot, with slightly sloping upper surface, scotia above torus on vertical surface, and flat underside. 2004.99.0940.jpg
REDMG:1934.26.1 Small cup with rounded rim on a flaring lip that sharply joins a shallow bowl with bulging profile; two horizontal round handles, canted up, join at the broadest part of the bowl. The bowl has almost no stem but attaches directly to a raised ring base with diagonal profile, slightly convex resting surface, and slightly pointed underside. 2004.99.0896.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.1 Trefoil mouth at the back of which is attached an angular strap handle, that rises slightly and then descends sharply to join the lower shoulder; long neck that broadens gradually to a piriform body; short ring foot with rounded profile, flat resting surface, diagonal inside wall, and slightly convex underside. 2005.99.0060.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.25 Rounded rim on everted, slightly overhanging lip that curves into a short, broad neck; two vertical strap handles rise up from the neck and rejoin at the shoulder; smooth join to barrel-shaped body; short ring foot, concave on the underside by convex at the centre. 2005.89.0068.jpg
REDMG:1951.143.1 Trefoil mouth at the back of which is attached a nearly L-shaped strap handle, that begins above the height of the mouth and descends to join the lower shoulder; short neck broadening to a piriform body, ribbed below the shoulder under shortly above the foot; short ring foot with flat resting surface, diagonal inside wall, and slightly convex underside. 2001.99.0005.jpg
REDMG:1951.153.1 Askos in the shape of a duck, with an everted rounded rim on a short cylindrical neck, from the back of which rises a strap handle that curves down to join the vase just above the tail. 2005.90.0025.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.13 Globular oinochoe of Archaic shape. Trefoil lip attached at the back to a broad strap handle, high swung and descending vertically to the middle of the shoulder; slight step at top of shoulder, below sharp join with cylindrical neck; squat body; broad, angled ring foot, with flat resting surface; slightly convex underside.
REDMG:1953.25.14 Trefoil mouth attached at the back to a high swung strap handle that reattaches near the bottom of the shoulder; short cylindrical neck with a ridge marking the join with the high-shouldered, squat, rounded body; broad, angled ring foot, slightly concave on underside. For large trefoil oinochoai see Corinth 13, 130-32 fig. 14
REDMG:1953.25.16 Trefoil mouth at the back of which is attached a hook-shaped round handle that begins above the height of the mouth and turns back to join the shoulder, with a slight spur; short neck curving into a baggy body in a continuous curve; short ring foot with narrow, rounded resting surface, diagonal inside wall, and pointed underside. Handle attachment is indicative of the Dotted Spray Group 2005.99.0090.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.30 White-ground lekythos, group iii. Conical mouth with flat rim, slightly offset from cylindrical neck which curves sharply into nearly diagonal shoulder; vertical strap handle (missing) reached from top of neck to bottom of the shoulder, below which a carination marks the join with the straight body that tapers down to a high, molded, pedestal foot, grooved at the top of the slightly convex vertical surface, concave on the underside, with a nipple at the centre.
REDMG:1953.25.55 Wide flaring mouth with rounded rim; short neck narrowing to sharp join to an ovoid body that tapers sharply at the bottom to a flat base; grooved just above the base. Two-piece strap handle splays at the attachment to the rim and rejoins the shoulder (for handle cf. RM.1950.25, which is, however, knotted). 2003.93.0301.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.61 Moulded mouth, flares to tall rim, which narrows to a tall, cylindrical neck; neck curves gently into a sloping shoulder, grooved near the join to the body, which broadens slightly and then tapers, with slightly concave sides, to a slightly raised base, grooved on the resting surface, flat on the sunken underside. 2004.99.0164.jpg
REDMG:1958.112.1 Cup mouth with flat rim, tall cylindrical neck, slightly widening at the top, curving into a diagonal shoulder, below which (from a carination) the body tapers slightly, and then curves sharply to join a tall moulded base, with straight sides, slightly concave on the underside, with a cylindrical depression; a vertical strap handle extends from the middle of the neck to the bottom of the shoulder, just above the carination. 2004.99.0934.jpg
REDMG:1964.1649 White-ground lekythos, group iii. Tall cylindrical neck broadening to a diagonal shoulder. Vertical strap handle rises from top of neck to bottom of the shoulder, where it broadens. Below the handle attachment a carination marks the join with the straight body, which narrows at the base to a molded pedestal foot with a slightly concave outer edge, convex underside, indented in the centre.
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