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There are 21 objects for which Shape_description contains "joined"
13.10.4A-B Two slightly concave disks, not joined (although they sit together well). The lid is thinner than the base with no significant rim, but a beveled edge. The mirror itself has a rim on the underside, and an offset edge on the upper part. These are clearly two parts of a Hellenistic mirror with lid, typical of Hellenistic cyprus. A pair of bronze plates could be locked together because one mirror had a low cylindrical rim into which the other, with a flanged edge, could be fitted. The inside mirror is decorated on the recessed side and polished on the flat side. The outside mirror is polished on the recessed side and sometimes decorated on the flat side. The two polished sides would then lie together, sometimes plated with silver (as in the case of an example in Amathus tomb 62, published in Excavations in Cyprus). For the Greek prototypes see See A. Schwarzmaier, Griechische Klappspiegel: Untersuchungen zu Typologie und Stil (Berlin 1997). 2010.99.0120.jpg
22.3.18 Fragment; two pieces joined. 2004.74.0097.jpg
25.8.6 Handle is small and joined from shoulder to neck. Shallow cup mouth. 2003.11.0003.jpg
28.9.1 Mouth flares out and rim is flat. High vertical handle joined to rim with surs either side. Body has two horizontal handles. Base has central convex circle. 2003.44.0002.jpg
35.4.2 The handle is small and joined from the shoulder to the neck below the mouth and the body is ellipsoid. 2002.97.0682.jpg
35.5.27-29 Fragments, 1 consisting of seven pieces joined, 2 of two, 3 of three, probably all from one cup. 2003.21.0073.jpg
35.5.34A-Q Eighteen fragments of one piece, some fragments joined (a and f each comprised of three fragments joined together, i comprised of two fragments joined. 2004.10.0001.jpg
50.4.18 Nearly identical to a lidded mug excavated from the Pantanello Necropolis at Metaponto, published by Maria Elliott, in Carter 1998 2.643, fig. 14.2, 667 M3 (T 128-2): the Pantanello mug, which Elliott describes as an 'odd mug' and probably a local imitation of the late 5 c. Attic double handle mug (667), has a knotted handle which is otherwise similar to ours in contour and thickness. For less close comparanda cf. Morel 1981, type 5345a (citing examples from Capua and environs, e.g. CVA Capua 3, Italia 1312 no. 2: less squat, but similar); these Campanian examples are dated to ca. 300. Convex lip with rounded outturned rim, to which is joined a vertical strap handle, tripartite, with two projections on either side of the rim attachment. The handle loops and reattaches at the top of the bulging, ribbed body (ribbing visible on the interior). Tall angled ring foot, the interior of which has an incised spiral (not visible on exterior). 2010.98.0291.jpg
50.4.8 Bell-shaped mouth with convex lip and high out-turned rim; tubular neck joined to ovoid body; short thick stem curving out to a carinated moulded foot, concave on the underside; vertical strap handle curves up from the middle of the neck and rejoins at the base of the shoulder. 2003.97.0814.jpg
51.4.4 Fragment (two parts, joined together) of the rim, neck and body. 2007.99.0097.jpg
51.7.15 A small mouth, with flaring lip, on a short concave stem, is joined smoothly to a ring aryballos, rectangular in section, approximating a sharp-edged donut, with beveled edges on the inside. A short strap handle rises slightly from the rim and curves smoothly to adhere to the exterior surface of the aryballos. Ure 57: 'Rectangular in section, as is normal in Boeotia'; cf. P.N. Ure, Hesperia 15 (1946) 45-50. Small mouth and handle. Angular shape with side and edge flat 2004.06.0013.jpg
51.7.3 Flaring lip with rounded rim, sharply joined to ovoid body; single round, curved vertical handle rises up from alongside the lip and rejoins at the shoulder; lower part of body sharply joins to a short, flaring foot, concave on the underside, with a pointed underside. 2008.98.0371.jpg
52.3.3 Broad flat rim; short thick neck; handles are comprised of two vertical bars joined at the rim by an overhanging horizontal bar with downward protrusions at either end; body tapers to conical footring; flat base. 2003.95.0050.jpg
78.12.19 Shallow ovoid body, convex shoulder with a small depressed discus; three small holes in the discus. Nozzle is joined into the body shape and has a rounded tip with a medium oval wick hole. Small vertical handle opposite the nozzle. Base is unmarked but slightly concave. 2005.01.0097.jpg
REDMG:1951.140.1 Broad rim, slightly convex on upper surface, ridged at the outside edge, with overhanging lip; neck, concave in profile, broadens to a nearly flat shoulder that curves sharply to an ovoid body, which narrows sharply at the bottom, where it is joined to a moulded pedestal foot with a splayed base and concave underside; upper part of foot has tapering straight sides; the profile of the base is decorated with two ridges. Two incurving horizontal handles, round in sectiona, are attached to the upper third of the body; a vertical handle, also round in section, emerges from the top of the neck and curves down to the lower part of the shoulder. 2004.99.0810.jpg
REDMG:1951.150.1 Flaring rim, curving continuously from the exterior, with an overhanging, convex lip, curving on the underside into a short, thick neck that broadens to a baggy body, sharply joined to a broad pedestal foot, flat on the upper surface, convex on the vertical surface, and hollowed slightly interior, with a cyma molding leading up to a flat underside.The triple-ridged strap handles rise up from the sides of the neck and rejoin at the shoulders. 2005.99.0161.jpg
REDMG:1951.161.1 Overhanging everted lip with rounded rim curves sharply a near cylindrical body, narrowing to a tapering stem, which in turn is joined to a hollowed, moulded pedestal base;.the upper surface of the base is nearly flat, surrounded by a ridge and then a groove from which the nearly vertical sides descend; two incurving round horizontal handles are attached just above the middle of the body. 2005.90.0006.jpg
REDMG:1958.19.1 Jug with tall narrow tapering neck, beak spout, and bulbous body. Vertical strap handle joins the base of the neck near the spout and a thrid where the neck and body are joined.
REDMG:1964.1622 Cup mouth with rounded rim, narrowing to a short neck, at the top of which is attached a small vertical strap handle that extends the lower part of the shoulder; wall curves continuously from neck, broadening to a slim ovoid body joined to a broad raised foot that is diagonal in profile; flat underside. 2004.99.0150.jpg
REDMG:1964.1627.1 Two pieces which can be joined. 2003.93.0238.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.3 (a) Part of a triple handle and part of the area of the body where it was joined. (b) Part of lower body area and ring-shaped base with a concave area, whose central, inflated part is pointed.
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