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There are 18 objects for which Shape_description contains "jug"
13.10.17 Barrel-shaped jug, deep-spreading lip, half has broken away. One handle, with a raised area along the middle. Clay on body rounded into a point in the middle of either side. 2003.92.0048.jpg
13.10.21 Course jug with fat body, thick rim. The single handle reaches from the neck beneath the rim to the shoulder of the jug. The neck is as wide as the mouth, then tapers inwards slightly to meet the body, the ring foot is short and quite wide. 2010.99.0070.jpg
14.9.3 Alabastron-shaped jug with one handle that joins the rim to the upper body and a delineated flat base. 2008.99.0106.jpg
14.9.56 Fragment, possibly from shoulder of jug 2003.01.0081.jpg
14.9.6 Tankard (?) or one-handled jug (?) fragment, preserving section of lip, neck and upper body. 2003.98.0273.jpg
22.3.41 Single triangular fragment preserves part of the base of a closed shape, perhaps a jug, with a flat bottom. 2004.99.0530.jpg
26.2.85 Fragment; probably from a broad-bottomed jug 2003.43.0095.jpg
34.10.9 Hellenistic jug with twisted rope handle. Handle extends from shoulder to where grooves are at the top of the neck. 2002.97.0663.jpg
47.7.3 Inside, embedded in earth is a small, unpainted jug. 2003.26.0008.jpg
48.5.3 Tall jug with rounded rim, cylindrical neck, piriform body, and high arching loop handle that rises from the rim.
58.2.4 Wide rim with bevelled lip. Long wide neck leading to a short and rounded body, base protrudes from body but has been damaged (during firing process ?). The handle attaches to the top of the body and then again at the join of the rim and the neck. There is a fork shaped spur which follows the curve of the handle and rim and then continues above the main body of the jug. 2003.92.0082.jpg
58.2.5 Round body somewhat pointed at the base. Cut-away neck spout (derived from Anatolian precursors). Handle attaches to the middle of the spout and then rejoins the jug on the shoulder. 2003.92.0321.jpg Ovaloid jug with a small mouth, a long neck flaring to a large body, and tapering again to a small, plain base; fat, rounded handle. 2003.92.0130.jpg
E.62.34 Part of jug and basin set (basin missing). Flat base, wide shoulders, tall neck (ca. 6 cm), with striated lip and wide mouth. 2002.98.0022.jpg
REDMG:1958.19.1 Jug with tall narrow tapering neck, beak spout, and bulbous body. Vertical strap handle joins the base of the neck near the spout and a thrid where the neck and body are joined.
REDMG:1958.23.1 Wide body that tapers at the bottom towards a slightly convex base. The rounded base forces the jug to lean to one side. The tall narrow neck has an everted rim. Single, wide flat strap handle joins the base of the rim and the shoulder.
REDMG:1958.33.1 Jug with bulbous body with delineated flat base. Single strap handle joins the upper body to the centre of the long neck with a funnel-shaped mouth ending with an everted rim.
REDMG:1958.37.1 Jug with ovoid body and everted rim and slightly concave circular foot. Single strap handle joins rim to centre of the body.
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