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There are 24 objects for which Shape_description contains "kylix"
2003.3.37 fragment of bird kylix rim and part of body
2004.8.2A Small fragment of kylix, class D 2006.20.0590.jpg
2005.3.25A-C Fragments of a kylix, A: base, foot, stem and section of body, B: rim (joins up with fragment A), C: rim 2006.20.0368.jpg
2005.3.28A-B Two fragments from a bird kylix
2005.3.29 Fragment of a bird kylix 2006.20.0385.jpg
2005.3.31 Fragment of a bird kylix rim 2006.20.0380.jpg
2005.3.32 fragment of a bird kylix 2006.20.0378.jpg
2005.3.33 Fragment of bird kylix - base of the bowl and join of stem 2006.20.0370.jpg
2005.3.34 Fragment of bird kylix
2005.3.35 Fragment of bird kylix rim and handle
2005.3.36 Fragment of a bird kylix handle and rim 2006.20.0391.jpg
2005.3.38 Fragemnt of bird Kylix rim 2006.20.0393.jpg
2005.3.39 Fragment of bird kylix rim 2006.20.0395.jpg
2005.3.40 Fragment of bird kylix 2006.20.0398.jpg
2005.3.41 four handled bird kylix
2006.12.86 Possibly base of Kylix 2007.03.1075.jpg
25.4.2 Four-handled. Kylix style, stemmed and hollow inside stem. Handles round. At halfway points between handles are two more sets of handles but these have broken off. 2003.58.0009.jpg
26.4.2 The handles are almost a rectangle shape, and are shaped to angle straight out from the edge of the Kylix, turning up slightly at the end. 2002.97.0264.jpg
27.4.6 Two-handled, stemless. Kylix style (late). Two strap handles. 2003.14.0094.jpg
33.4.1 Four-handled. Stemmed. Kylix style. Foot and stem hollow. 2002.97.0736.jpg
39.8.2 Fragment; central part of kylix with short stem, foot lost. 2003.21.0014.jpg
59.6.1 Everted, concave rim, with round lip, offset by a carination from a shallow bowl, tapering sharply to a short stem that broadens to a moulded foot, concave in profile, with a nearly flat resting surface, grooved just within the resting surface, hollowed and conical within; a slightly incurving d-shaped handle rises up, on either side, from the centre of the bowl to the height of the kylix. 2010.98.0333.jpg
73.9.4 Fragment from near stem of a kylix. 2002.97.0214.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.16 Offset rim; two kylix handles, one on each side.
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