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There are 2 objects for which Shape_description contains "l-shaped"
REDMG:1951.143.1 Trefoil mouth at the back of which is attached a nearly L-shaped strap handle, that begins above the height of the mouth and descends to join the lower shoulder; short neck broadening to a piriform body, ribbed below the shoulder under shortly above the foot; short ring foot with flat resting surface, diagonal inside wall, and slightly convex underside. 2001.99.0005.jpg
REDMG:1961.150.1 Spreading lip, flat, with rounded rim, above tall, cylindrical neck, with ridge at center, just above attachment of l-shaped strap-handle, joining at centre of shoulder; squat piriform body, nearly flat base, ridge at exterior, groove just within. 2004.99.0833.jpg
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