Ure Museum Database

There are 18 objects for which Technique/Style contains "stamped"
14.9.114BIS Black glaze; stamped; incised 2003.30.0099.jpg
23.4.1 Red figure; stamped 2003.97.0672.jpg
25.9.3 Black glaze; stamped 2003.31.0095.jpg
34.10.10 Black glaze; stamped 2003.97.0476.jpg
35.4.4 Black glaze; stamped 2003.31.0091.jpg
35.4.6 Black glaze; stamped 2003.97.0486.jpg
37.11.6 Black glaze; ruddled; stamped 2008.10.0005.jpg
37.7.3 Black glaze; stamped; rouletted 2003.31.0007.jpg
37.7.4 Black glaze; stamped; rouletted 2003.31.0009.jpg
39.8.1 Red figure; stamped; incised 2004.10.0004.jpg
45.6.38 Black glaze; ruddled; stamped 2003.31.0011.jpg
47.2.4 Black glaze; stamped 2010.99.0180.jpg
47.2.5 Black glaze; incised; stamped 2008.98.0406.jpg
47.2.8 Black glaze; stamped 2001.99.0128.jpg
50.4.17 Black glaze; stamped 2010.98.0045.jpg
83.9.2 Black glaze; rouletting; stamped
83.9.20 Black glaze; stamped; incised 2006.20.0311.jpg
83.9.23 Black glaze; stamped; incised 2006.20.0917.jpg
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