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Accession_Number 2007.7.1A-S
adlib_title Attic black glaze, red figure krater
Shape Krater
Shape_description 19 fragments of the same column krater
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color 5YR5/6
Decoration Rim (A-D) has tongues on the top, a design with dots and traigular shapes on the sides, with palmettes below; Side A (H-K) shows a symposion, with a bearded man (Dionysos?) and possibly the hoof of a satyr; Side B (L-N) shows a battle. A, B, C: Rim with tongues, side design and palmettes below; D: Rim with tongues and side design, no palmettes below; E: Fragment from just below the rim with the palmette design; F: Fragment from below the rim, all black with part of a palmette on the lower left; G: Black on both sides; H: Head and shoulders of a bearded man(Dionysos?) with the circle and triangular motif running vertically on the right; I: Arm and torso of the bearded man on the upper part, on the lower part there is another object which could be his couch; J: Left half is black, right half contains an unclear section of the symposion scene; K: Drapery, most likely from the symposion scene, with a drinking horn in the lower right corner and possibly the hoof of a satyr; L: Top half of the battle scene, with a nude man holding a spear, and probably a tree running vertically along the left side. The scene is bounded by the circle and triangle design; M: Lower half of L, with the lower body of the nude man, drapery on the left side; N: Leg of the nude man, with the lower part of the tree running vertically on the left; O-P: Plain black; Q: Black, with part of the circle and triangle design; R: Black, with part of a design on the top; S: Base, tongue design
Condition All pieces are chipped with designs partly faded. A-F, H, L-N, P-Q, S: Evidence of later restoration; O-P, R: Fire damaged
Technique/Style Black glaze, Red figure
Height S: 6.7
Diameters S: 18.8
Other_dims. A: L=10.7, W=12.6; B: L=6.3, W=14.2; C: L=11.1, W=19.9; D: L=20.7, W=10.0; E: L=9.8,W=9.7; F: L=17.0, W=9.1; G: L=7.8, W=6.4; H: L=7.1, W=14.3; I: L=9.4, W=8.1; J: L=4.0, W=3.7; K: L=10.8, W=9.0; L: L=23.0, W=5.8; M: L=22.5, W=13.1; N: L=14.6, W=14.2; O: L=5.1, W=6.4; P: L=4.9, W=6.2; Q: L=3.9, W=4.1; R: L=12.0, W=10.6
Location 11.1.16
Edited_by Liz, Will, & Michelle
Date_edited 11.7.2007
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