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Accession_Number 2008.7.101
adlib_title Attic lekythos fragment
Shape Lekythos
Shape_description Part of neck, handle, shoulder, body
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color 2.5YR 6/6
Decoration Surface slipped with red-orange wash. Strap handle sloping inwards; black glazed on the outside; inside in reserve. Row of uniform parallel black lines at the junction of the shoulder and neck. On the shoulder, five black palmettes, the central one inverted, with black tendrils and dots in between. On the body, black glaze misfired with two red parallel lines just below the junction of the shoulder and body.
Condition Single fragment. Surface worn, especially near handle and shoulder; scratches and encrustation on the body just below the shoulder; paint has flaked off throughout, especially on the handle; dirt. "Rhitsona" handwritten in pencil on the interior of the shoulder.
Provenance Rhitsona (handwritten in pencil)
Period Late Archaic/early Classical
Date 480-450
Dating_details On the basis of style (see attribution)
Artist Perhaps Bowdoin Painter or Athena Painter
Attribution Workshop of
Height 6.5
Diameters Shoulder 8.2
Handle_height 3.6
Other_dims. Thickness 0.6
Location 8.1.7
Edited_by Alex V; Katerina; Joana Varela
Date_edited 25.7.2008; 18.04.2017
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