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Accession_Number 26.4.1A-B
adlib_title Boeotian floral ware Pyxis with lid
Shape Pyxis with lid
Shape_description Lid: central 'pagoda-like' knob. Pyxis: feet are grooved horizontally; raised base is slightly convex.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Boeotian
Munsell_color 5YR 7/8
Decoration Lid are palmettes and tendrils, three ridges painted black and bars to edge which is slightly raised. Underside is black around edge and reserved in the centre. Body is black inside and on outer rim. Design on sides comprised of alternating palmettes and lotuses (three of each) joined by tendrils. Below is a broad black band, ridge with red either sid eand rays. Inset tripod foot which is black at top and red on outside but black inside feet. Base ruddled
Condition Much repair to lid which was in fragments but now almost complete apart from small piece of rim from underside. Paint dull on lid but remains clear on bottom piece. Two feet have been repaired and repainted and small part of lower rim is missing.
Technique/Style Floral ware
Period Late Classical
Date 425-400
Artist Branteghem Workshop
Lid of pyxis. Palmettes on ground of yellowish-buff; alternate tiers of the knob heavily riddled.
Boetian floral ware pyxis, front view with pagoda-like lid.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 18.1; BSA 51 (1940-45) pl. 6.1; J. Boardman, Greek Art, fig.185.
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Height 21.2
Diameters 14.1
Handle_height 5.8
Other_dims. Height of bottom 13.1
Location Shape
Edited_by Denise; Joana Varela
Date_edited 17.09.2002; 24.04.2017
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