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Accession_Number 26.7.2
adlib_title Attic black figure; silhouette kylix
Shape Kylix
Shape_description The handles are riddled, of ellipsoid cross-section and incurving. The stem is high and thick and the foot is disk-shaped, while the concave area of the base forms a conical center.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color 7.5YR 6/6
Decoration The interior of the vessel is streaky black (uneven) except for the tondo (reddish brown), that depicts a (shadow of a) man, in a short chiton, facing right and advancing. He is holding a (thorny) club with his right hand and his himation with the left one (using it as a shield?), while his sword is visible at his right side. Exterior: The lip bears a thin, black line. The surface of the body is reserved (up to the point where the scene ends) but bears decoration in black. The scene is repeated on both sides; the myth of Heracles and the Bull. Herakles has captured the Bull from the head. Hanging in the background (above them) there are Herakles' club, cloak and quiver. The scene is flanked (left and right) by fan-shaped palmettes (voluted at the bottom with long, narrow divisions). The lower part of the handles' external surface is black and under either of them there is an ivy leaf (heart-shaped). Below the scene, there is a streaky black line and, after a reserved, thin band, the vessel is (streaky) black up to the end of the foot, whose side surface is reserved, though. The base is reserved but bears a red thin band at the center of the resting surface. No incisions or added colour have been used.
Condition The vessel consists of two pieces and is repaired. The stem and part of the body are joined together. There are five bits missing from the rim and upper body, as well as bits from the joining parts, where there is also a gouge. In few spots the colour has been peeled off (body of bull, handles).
Technique/Style Black figure; silhouette
Period Early Classical
Date 500-450
Artist Haimon Group: Haimon Painter
Attribution Beazley attributes this to the Manner of the Haimon Painter: ABV 562.557
Advancing male figure shown on the tondo of an Attic black figure kylix.
Oblique view, from below, of an Attic black figure kylix depicting Herakles and the bull.
Side view of an Attic Kylix.
Oblique view of an Attic kylix on its side, showing the base and exterior depiction of Heracles and the Bull.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 9.7, 10.6; ABV 562.557; LIMC 5, s.v. Herakles 2349, pl. 79
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Beazley_DB 331653
Height 6.6
Diameters Rim 18.5, with the handles 24.3; base 7.4
Handle_height 2.5
Location Myth and religion
Edited_by Georgia; Karen; Kinsey; Joana Varela
Date_edited 12.06.2003; 31.03.2004; 11.01.2006; 19.04.2017
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