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Accession_Number 28.9.1
adlib_title Attic black figure hydria
Shape Hydria
Shape_description Mouth flares out and rim is flat. High vertical handle joined to rim with surs either side. Body has two horizontal handles. Base has central convex circle.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color 5YR 7/6
Decoration Black inside rim but reserved in body. Neck is black. Shoulder is reasonably flat and has red and black tongues above a combat scene of seven warriors. Incised white and added red detail. Two horizontal handles all black, as is back of body. Front has panel belween two rows of ivy leaves. Scene is of horses and warriors facing right. Warriors are not mounted on horses but stood behind. Below this is a panel showing a lion facing a boar between palmettes. Bands above and below this. Black band to rays at foot. Side of foot is black half way with bottom half reserved. Base reserved.
Condition Large fragment missing from figured panel, and many also from plain black parts. Much repainting and restoration. At least one handle and the foot are alien. Handles do not make direct join.
Technique/Style Black figure
Period Late Archaic
Date 525-500
Artist Group of Wuerzburg 199
Attribution Beazley: ABV 289.30
View of shoulder of black-figure hydria showing several warriors engaged in combat.
Black-figure hydria, missing a large fragment and showing several warriors beside horses.

Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 14.5; ABV 289.30; J. Burow, Der Antimenes-Maler, Kerameus 7 (1989) 40 n. 225
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Beazley_DB 320333
Height 46.8
Diameters Mouth 22.0; body 28.0; base 14.6
Handle_height Vertical 18.0; horizontal 1.9
Location Citizenship
Edited_by Denise; Karen; Kinsey
Date_edited 16.09.2002; 05.04.2004; 06.01.2006
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