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Accession_Number 29.11.3
adlib_title Attic black figure lekythos
Shape Lekythos
Shape_description The mouth is chimney-like, the handle banded, the body is conical and the foot is disk-shaped.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color GLEY1 6/1
Decoration The vessel is grey (burnt), apart from the rim, the back of the handle, the lower body and upper foot surface, which are black. There is added white on the lower neck, shoulder and upper body surface. There is also a row of black dots and pointed tongues on the shoulder, as well as the motif two rows of black dots between dividing lines (three), interrupted at the back side of the vessel. The scene depicted is that of a charioteer (woman) ridding a chariot of four horses (quadriga). There is a woman at the horses' tails, another standing on the far side of the horses and another seated at the right of the scene. Added red has been used for the faces of the women and for the ornament of the horses' harness. Below the scene, there is a broad, black band between carelessly executed lines and the rest of the vessel is black, apart from the side surface of the foot and the resting surface, which are reserved.
Condition The neck and handle have been repaired and rejoined to the body. There is a scratch on the upper body surface and two tiny bits that been chipped off. The vessel looks burnt (apparently from a burnt grave).
Technique/Style Black figure
Period Early Classical
Date 475-450
Artist Haimon Group: Haimon Painter
Attribution Ure (CVA) attributes this to the 'Manner of the Haimon Painter'
Three Attic black-figure lekythoi (from left to right: 26.8.3, 34.8.7, and 29.11.3)
Front view of an Attic lekythos, showing a woman in a chariot (right side). The lekythos on the left refers to REDMG:1951.156.1
Front view of an Attic lekythos, showing a woman in a chariot.
3/4 view of an Attic lekythos, showing a woman in a chariot.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 13.5; ABV 541.84
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Beazley_DB 305762
Height 12.5
Diameters Rim 2.7; base 3.2
Handle_height 2.9
Location Death
Edited_by Georgia; Karen; Kinsey; Joana Varela
Date_edited 16.06.2003; 05.04.2004; 06.01.2006; 19.04.2017
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