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Accession_Number 34.8.12
adlib_title black glaze plemochoe
Shape Plemochoe
Shape_description The lid is three-stepped, with a flat disk-shaped surface on top of which there are two, concentric, conical areas and the handle, which is pear-shaped, with a button-like ending. The body is amphi-conical? But the upper surface is rounder and of a smaller diameter. The stem is slim and high, the foot is three-stepped and its bottom is a larger ring-shaped surface. Underneath, the surface is concave and conical.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color 7.5YR 7/6
Decoration The vase is black, both on the inside and the outside, with the exception of few, red lines. A sloping rim allows the lid to sit over the aperture. There is a reserved line on topside of the body, a red, carved circle and a groove around. There are also two, concentric carvings, one in the middle of the body's upper surface and the other one at its side. At the level where the body is divided in two areas there is a reserved line, while another one is apparent at the point where the body is narrower, above the point where it connects with the stem. The latter is divided in two areas by two, plastic, thin, red rings. Below, there are vertical ridges, one third the way down, wider towards the upper surface of the foot, whose larger part they cover with their moulded, tongue-shaped terminations. There is also a carved circle, surrounding these terminations. The foot is grooved and reserved in places. The surface underneath is irregularly painted black, with the central part reserved.
Condition The handle has been rejoined to the lid, whose colour has been peeled off from many spots (underneath). The body has been reconstructed by 6 fragments. There are some bits missing at the joining points of the fragments, as well as from the incurved surface of the rim. Few bits have been chipped off from the base. The colour is wearing off from many spots, especially at the body. The deposits under the lid and inside the body almost obscure the glaze.
Technique/Style Black glaze
Period Early Hellenistic
Date 4th century
Both objects either plemochoe or stemmed handleless kothon. Without lids.Accession numbers left to right: 26.7.29, 34.8.12.
Stemmed handleless kylix, side view.
Profile view of a Attic (?) black-glazed plemochoe.


Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 39.7
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Height 23.9
Diameters Rim: 7.5 Base: 8.8
Handle_height 3.3
Location Body Beautiful
Edited_by Georgia; Karen; Kinsey; Julia
Date_edited 10.06.03; 21.04.2004; 11.01.2006; 09.05.2016
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