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Accession_Number 34.8.4
adlib_title Attic black figure; white ground lekythos
Shape Lekythos
Shape_description Flared mouth with flat lip. Base is flat with concave central circle.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color 5YR 7/4
Decoration Lip reserved. The neck, side and base of foot are coloured with red. Shoulder has two rows of radiating bars, the first row are shorter. On front of body only are bands of decoration, separated with a single black line, alternating with black grille, black key, grille, key, grille, black 'zzzzz'. Three reserved bands on black to base. Foot is black on top.
Condition Intact. On back, below handle, the cream ground surface has cracked away almost entirely leaving the surface rough. Part of black main design has been worn but enough remains to distinguish pattern. Deposits inside mouth.
Technique/Style Black figure; white ground
Period High Classical
Date 450
Artist Beldam Painter
Attribution Ure (CVA) attributes this to the 'Workshop of the Beldam Painter'
Left side view of two Attic black-figure lekythoi, 34.8.6 at left and 34.8.4 at right.
Lekythos, side view. Shows decoration, which covers front of vase only.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 12.7
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Beazley_DB 14361
Height 18.2
Diameters Mouth 3.7; neck 1.6; body 6.1; base 4.7
Handle_height 4.6
Location Death
Edited_by Denise; Karen; Kinsey
Date_edited 23.08.2002; 05.04.2004; 06.01.2006
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