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Accession_Number 35.5.34A-Q
adlib_title Perhaps Attic red figure fragment
Shape Fragment
Shape_description Eighteen fragments of one piece, some fragments joined (a and f each comprised of three fragments joined together, i comprised of two fragments joined.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Perhaps Attic
Munsell_color 5YR 6/6
Decoration (a) fragment, three joins. Decoration on both sides. Band of geometric pattern above which is person's foot and bottom of leg standing to the right, wearing a hymation. On the opposite side: floral pattern to the left of bottom half of a person and to the right of this person the hand and lower body of another. (b) curved, palmette on other side black. (c) large roughened patch to the top right where possibly a handle was attached, floral pattern around this. (d) small fragment, on one side band of geometric pattern, on the opposite side floral pattern. (e) large piece, three fragments joined. Bearded man in the centre facing to the right, left arm raised and holding a long stick, right arm tucked into hymation. To the right of the man, the arm of another person and to the left a floral pattern, inside black. (f) Very similar to fragment a. three pieces joined together. On one side in centre bottom half of a person, feet and lower legs facing left and wearing a hymation, to the right floral pattern. Opposite side, band with geometric pattern. (g) On one side to left part of a hymation, to right an arm. Opposite side band with geometric pattern. (h) On one side the feet and legs of a person standing on a platform with the bottom of a stick he/she is possibly holding to the left, in the right hand corner the edge of a geometric pattern. On the opposite side the feet of someone facing to the left wearing a hymation dropping behind them, to the right of them a floral pattern. (i) Small piece of two fragments joined together. Chest of a male with right arm extending, his hymation drapped over his right arm. (j) Head of a male facing left with hymation over his shoulder and part of large palmette to his right. (k) Small frgment, part of hymation. (l) Small fragment part of hymation (m) Small fragment part of hymation. (n,o,p) small fragments with no detail.
Condition The decoration and pattern on all are in good condition and still very visible. The smaller parts are a bit more worn and the black gloss of fragment (e) is patchy in places.
Technique/Style Red figure
Artist Painter of London E 106
Attribution Beazley:


Bibliography ARV2 1393.37; Add2 373; CVA 25.8A-C
Beazley_DB 250037
Other_dims. To highest point and to widest point for each fragment. (a) 10.1x4.5 (b) 5.0x4.0 (c) 5.0x3.5 (d) 3.2x4.8 (e) 10.7x5.5 (f) 8.0x3.0 (g) 4.7x3.0 (h) 5.3x2.2 (i) 4.9x3.0 (j) 3.1x5.2 (k) 3.0x3.1 (l) 2.8x1.9 (m) 3.0x2.0 (n) 4.6x1.7 (o) 2.5x2.0 (p) 2.5x2.1
Location 11.1.3
Edited_by Faye Cheesman. Joana Varela
Date_edited 28.07.2003; 05.04.2017
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