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Accession_Number 45.10.11
adlib_title Attic red figure cup
Shape Cup
Shape_description Fragments preserving most of tondo.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Attic
Munsell_color 5YR 6/6
Decoration Offset rim is black inside and out and the handle that originally existed just below rim appears also to have been black. Exterior walls are black as is interior except for the main design which is reserved. This picture is of a youth reclining, seen from behind. Detail is picked out in black paint and the figure is painted inside a circle. On the underside, there was originally a stem which was also black.
Condition Comprised of several rejoined fragments. Only two small sections of rim remain, traces of handle positioning and small protrusion of stem. Nearly all of the main design remains but the lower part of the figure is lost.
Technique/Style Red figure
Period High Archaic / Late Archaic
Date 525-500
Artist Pithos Painter
Attribution Beazley (ARV2 141.66)
Fragment of an Attic red-figure cup, depicting a youth in the tondo.
Top view of a fragmentary Attic red-figure cup, depicting a seated youth in the tondo.
Bibliography ARV2 141.66; D. Paleothodoros, "The Pithos painter," Eulimene 4 (2003) 73, no. 111; ARV 117.26
Beazley_DB 201223
Diameters Tondo 9.5
Other_dims. Pres. H. 7.5; W. fragment 13.2
Location Timeline 2 top
Edited_by Denise; Kinsey; Teifi
Date_edited 30.08.2002; 16.01.2006; 14.08.2006
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