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Accession_Number E.62.44
adlib_title Egyptian kohl pot
Shape Kohl pot
Shape_description Lid is oval with a central circular knob and traces of an incised band on top. (Lid is missing!) Body has a flat rim, same shape and size as lid so they sit together, but with a central circular opening. Thin neck leading to shoulders. Four oblong feet at each 'corner' and the base between is flat. Flat rim on top of body is reserved. The inside is a cylindrical well, not matching the contours or shape of the outside. Heavy object.
Material Limestone
Fabric Egyptian
Decoration At base of shoulders and top of body are incised diagonal bars between bands. Five panels go around the body and are separated by incised chevrons between bands. Two panels show designs of leaves - possibly palm leaves. Two other panels show a collection of pictures which appear to consist of three leaves or feathers, an ear of corn perhaps and other agricultural objects (?). The fifth panel shows similar things to the last two described with the addition of a triangle with horizontal incised lines through it. None of the panels is next to a similar one. There is a flat ridge at the base. Painted to almost have a wood effect.
Condition Almost complete but a foot is missing from the base. The neck and flat rim have been reattched. Some discolouration on the lid and around the opening.
Period New Kingdom: 18 dynasty
Date 1539-1292 BC
Height 7.5
Diameters 4.9
Other_dims. Height of body 6.2Height of lid 1.3Width of neck 2.6
Location Body Beautiful
Edited_by Denise; Kinsey; Julia
Date_edited 17 September 2002; 11.01.2006; 17.05.2016
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